Capgemini podcast sees Sangeeta Ron discuss the power of strength

Capgemini podcast sees Sangeeta Ron discuss the power of strength

 January 25, 2023

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Capgemini's Her Story podcast series features Capgemini women providing perspectives on how the business landscape has evolved throughout their careers, their advice for Data and AI professionals to establish themselves as experts, and what motivates them to work in Data and AI.

Women have distinguished themselves in businesses and in leadership. Every leader has a different story, but they all have one thing in common - at one point in their lives, they took a giant leap that changed their career like day and night.

Capgemini Her Story podcast episode The power of perspective: transforming hurdles to growth, sees Sangeeta Ron, Senior Director, Financial Services, Insights & Data at Capgemini US share valuable life lessons and the power of focusing on strengths. She discusses the world of consulting and leadership through her career journey.

Holding two double Master’s Degrees from top universities, Sangeeta is a firm believer in the power of focusing on one’s strengths. Sangeeta’s story is a perfect example that no dream is too big to be achieved.

Sangeeta's varied role with Capgemini

Sangeeta is in Capgemini's Financial Services Insights and Data practice in North America and head of the Horizontal Solutions, AI and Analytics area.

"In my current role, I am engaged in growing our practice by building solutions, collaborating with internal and external partners, talent management, sales, and delivery at multiple insurance and banking clients. Since my role encompasses multiple responsibilities, it makes my every day in Capgemini fun, varied and interesting," says Sangeeta.

A champion for diversity and inclusion

Sangeeta explains that Capgemini has an entrepreneurial culture and encourages people to come up with new ideas and implement them.

"In my personal experience, I have taken one of the capabilities from inception to matured state through collaboration, inspiring people, and driving efficiencies through tools and accelerators," comments Sangeeta.

"I champion for diversity and inclusion through the Women Leaders Roundtable group, which supports and empowers women within Capgemini. I have led multiple meditation workshops for Capgemini, Positive Planet to promote well-being within the community."

Proud of Capgemini's culture

Sangeeta is proud of Capgemini’s culture and that it has strong foundations for a diverse and inclusive environment.

"As a company, there is a great focus on promoting environmental sustainability and digital inclusion through operations and solutions. The culture and values that Capgemini promotes align well with me on a personal and professional level," explains Sangeeta.

Working towards the future she wants

As a leader, Sangeeta strives to deliver outsized business outcomes through continuous improvement and learning.

"In the last few years, some of the priorities of the clients and the business landscape have changed due to the global pandemic and other macro-economic factors. To be successful, I am annually evaluating the offerings and solutions for my area to check if they address the evolving business landscape, upskilling in both technical and non-technical areas and motivating my team to do the same," says Sangeeta.

Advice for women looking to join Capgemini

Sangeeta's advice to women seeking to consider potentially joining Capgemini is to take charge of their own career, and to not be afraid to get out of their comfort zone by putting their hand up to accept a challenging role or leading a difficult project.

"Additionally, they should work on continuous upskilling, keeping an open mind, adapting to changes, focus on expanding their network, and collaborating," concludes Sangeeta.

Podcast series on the remarkable women within Capgemini's Data and AI global practice

The Her Story podcast series brings inspiring stories from some of the remarkable women at Capgemini's Data and AI global practice. It aims to encourage listeners on their career journey to carve their own path by showing that challenges are real, and so are opportunities. Each of the real stories feature wins and challenges, intense moments, and displays of vulnerabilities that encourage listeners to take the plunge. They illustrate how diverse teams lead to a more inclusive tech design, drive fairness in AI systems, and reduce algorithmic biases. Their insights reinforce Capgemini's will to progress and to demonstrate key skills to be a successful leader.

The fourth episode of the Her Story podcast provides opportunities to gain valuable insights and inspiration for anyone who is looking to improve their leadership skills and achieve personal growth. As a leading strategic partner to companies around the world, Capgemini is fully committed to fostering diversity of minds in Data and AI to prevent bias. The women featured in the Her Story podcast are the proof of that. Tune in to the series to be a part of their journey, and follow their ups and downs and the thrill of roads less travelled. Discover how they successfully implement data-powered business transformations for Capgemini's clients, and create value for Capgemini's people, society, and the planet.

Listen to the full episode of the podcast here.

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