Nottingham Trent University offers degree apprenticeship courses

Nottingham Trent University offers degree apprenticeship courses

 January 25, 2023

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Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is successfully delivering a wide variety of higher and degree apprenticeships and providing training solutions to a wide range of businesses. By combining working with studying part-time at a leading University, both apprentices and employers are provided with the best of both worlds.

The UK's National Apprenticeship Week returns with a series of in-person and online events taking place at NTU and across the UK over a seven-day period. The week focuses on the many ways that apprentices are having a positive impact in the workplace, with the theme of the week being 'Skills for Life'.

NTU is supporting National Apprenticeship Week with its Apprenticeships Open Day, where prospective students have opportunities to speak with employers, the NTU apprenticeships team and current apprentices.

Wide variety of apprenticeships with NTU

An apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with academic learning. It leads to a nationally recognised qualification and provides students with the opportunity to acquire the relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours to be fully competent and confident in their chosen area of work.

With an apprenticeship, students earn while they learn. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job training (about 80 per cent of the normal week) with off-the-job learning (about 20 per cent), meaning apprentices get the perfect balance between work and study. What’s more, they get the benefits of their relationship with both sides - the pension schemes and paid leave of an employer, and the facilities, discounts and support services of a major university.

NTU offers a number of higher and degree apprenticeships across eight industry areas:

  • Business and Administration
  • Childcare and Education
  • Construction
  • Digital
  • Food and Drink
  • Health and Science
  • Law
  • Social Work

NTU's apprenticeship courses are developed in collaboration with industry experts, so students can be sure to receive the right knowledge and insights to hit the ground running. Apprentices need to meet NTU's entry requirements, that differ depending on the programme.

NTU's Apprenticeships Open Day

NTU Apprenticeships Open Day

Held in conjunction with Nottingham College, NTU's Apprenticeships Open Day brings together employers, current and prospective apprentices, academics, course leaders, industry experts and more. Featuring interactive sessions and live presentations, the event is aimed at providing information across all areas of the apprenticeships journey. There is the opportunity for those looking to pursue an apprenticeship to meet with employers actively promoting job vacancies.

Learning about life as an apprentice for students

The Apprenticeships Open Day begins with a focus on prospective apprentices, looking to learn more about life as an apprentice with NTU. This provides future apprenticeship students with the chance to meet employers to discuss job opportunities, an overview of the apprenticeship journey and information on the range of cross-industry apprenticeships available.

The Open Day also provides attendees with the chance to learn more about specific apprenticeship courses, by liaising with academics, course leaders and current apprenticeship partners. There is a chance to engage in one-to-one conversations with team and industry experts, alongside networking with employers who are actively seeking fresh talent for their business.

Additionally, attendees have the opportunity to enjoy a taster of the practical element of some of NTU's courses, by engaging in interactive 'give it a go' sessions. The NTU Apprenticeship Team is available throughout all sessions to visitors with advice on entry requirements, the application process and timelines.

Benefits of apprenticeships for employers

Open to businesses from across all sectors and industries, the Apprenticeships Open Day event provides practical advice on how to access the many tangible benefits apprenticeships can provide. NTU can help employers to find innovative solutions to their business needs, by engaging in one-to-one conversations with NTU's team, current partners and industry experts. The day features short presentations on NTU’s apprenticeship offer and key elements of the recruitment and training process. There are opportunities to ask questions of employers, apprentices and members of NTU's team during a live panel discussion. The online lunchtime event is designed to help employers thinking about taking on an apprentice to find out more information about NTU apprenticeships. NTU outlines why employers should choose NTU as their training provider, highlighting the benefits of an apprenticeship and providing guidance on sector-specific courses. Employers are welcome to ask questions relating to individual courses in breakout rooms, take part in an interactive panel discussion and meet NTU's apprenticeships team.

Interested in earning while learning vias an NTU apprenticeship?

NTU apprenticeships provide a great way to get qualifications without missing out on work.

Discover NTU higher and degree apprenticeships available.


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