DXC offers a brilliant virtual first, remote working approach

DXC offers a brilliant virtual first, remote working approach

 February 02, 2023

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Want to work for a company that puts its employee experience and remote working first? 

DXC Technology adopts a 'virtual-first' approach, and is reinventing the workplace for employees working virtually, putting employee experience at the center of its modernization plans.

DXC's 'virtual-first 'employees can work, connect and collaborate — seamlessly and securely — without disruption.

Virtual work is a way of life at DXC

DXC Technology Modern Workplace

As for many other companies, remote or virtual work has become a way of life. DXC Technology, however, knows that simply providing its 130,000 employees in 70 countries with laptops, internet access, and basic help desk services is not enough.

Instead, DXC has reinvented its workplace with a singular goal in mind: To deliver a personalized and modern workplace experience that empowers its employees to connect, collaborate, and work seamlessly and securely on any device, anytime and anywhere.

An engaging employee experience

DXC Technology Modern Workplace

DXC's employee experience redefines the way people work, leverages the best technology, and provides employees with a dynamic and engaging environment that helps drive their productivity and satisfaction.

“The experience you have as an employee — interacting with your technology, how you use it, what tools you have available, how you get those tools, how fixes are handled, if the technology works right — all of those things are really a key part of your experience and your ability to be productive, now more so than ever,” says DXC Chief Operating Officer, Chris Drumgoole.

DXC Chief Human Resources Officer, Mary Fince, says: “DXC Modern Workplace gives us better insight into how employees feel about their technology and their workplace.”

Enjoy remote working in a role at DXC 

Looking a career that offers brilliant flexibility and remote working options? 

DXC Technology has a 'virtual-first' approach that provides a very engaging employee experience. 

Search DXC's latest job opportunities and apply. 


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