Honeywell Senior Director Melinda Cooley is an impressive achiever

Honeywell Senior Director Melinda Cooley is an impressive achiever

 February 10, 2023

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Meet Melinda Cooley. She's Senior Director of Transformation at Honeywell in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Melinda is an innovative and experienced manufacturing leader with great problem-solving skills.

Through her role, Melinda and her teams get to collaborate with cross-functional groups to facilitate deep dives into business process and system failures within Honeywell's end-to-end Intelligrated (IGS) business. These team develop and drive permanent sustainable solutions that enable and support overall growth and profitability for the company. 

An exciting and varied role

Reflecting on some current initiatives driven by Honeywell, Melinda highlights her work in streamlining the estimation process, developing standards across engineering, and focusing on setting high global project management office (GPMO) standards. "These initiatives coupled with meeting 2022 financial targets and ISC and Engineering productivity, are the top priorities IGS is focused on," says Melinda.

Stepping up to some big challenges

Melinda highlights a recent career highlight as when she was tasked at the end of 2021 to stand up a new team of subject-matter experts from various areas of the integrated supply chain organization including procurement, planning, analytics, program management, product and project engineering to map improvements in the company's system. 

"The goal was to identify improvements, supporting systems, and corrective actions," she explains. "It was a tall ask to select the team, gain buy in, and spend the gruelling hours mapping and deep diving. And then finally driving the corrective actions and transformations resulting in significant savings in the first three quarters of 2022."

Honeywell values women's professional development 

Nominated and accepted into Honeywell's Women’s Career Advancement Program for 2022, Melinda attended a highly impactful summit where she was very inspired by senior colleagues from within the company.

"I had the opportunity to hear from two board members, the CEO, and several of his staff members," reflects Melinda.

"I am so impressed by how much commitment, time and energy Honeywell puts into recognizing women in the organization and their development. Honeywell talks the talk, and walks the walk."

Enjoying a good work-life balance is key 

When not working, Melinda enjoys almost any outdoor activity and spends a lot of her time hiking and golfing.

"I love all types of live music and enjoy playing the saxophone," says Melinda.

"And I have a passion for volunteering through several organizations including Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and serving in local food pantries."

Work for a company that values women 

Whether a supply chain expert, software engineer, engineer, customer service agent, salesperson or a finance professional, Honeywell offers brilliant dream jobs. 

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