Northrop Grummans stem activity wins Athena Education Award

Northrop Grumman's stem activity wins Athena Education Award

 March 01, 2023

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At Northrop Grumman, women can enjoy a truly impactful career inspiring the next generation of STEM innovators.

The prime employer has earned the Athena Education Award from Space Foundation. The award reflects Northrop Grumman's passion and commitment to increase students’ abilities and interest in STEM to help inspire the next generation

Creating space leaders of tomorrow

Space Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983, offering information, education and collaboration for the global space ecosystem. Established in 2021, the Athena Education Award recognizes the spirit, leadership and commitment of a steadfast partner to Space Foundation’s global education mission. The award honors their support in providing educational programs that build science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) engagement and allow the space leaders of tomorrow to take their part in the ever-expanding global space economy.

“For decades, Northrop Grumman has supported us as we trained educators in the United States and around the world with the latest tools and techniques to prepare the upcoming generation to take their place within the space ecosystem,” said Space Foundation CEO, Tom Zelibor. “As a founding anchor to our Space Foundation Discovery Center in 2012, Northrop Grumman has sponsored our Science Center, which features Science on a Sphere®. Within those 10 years of operations, more than 300,000 visitors and students have been inspired and amazed by our state-of-the-art programming. We are grateful to them for their support.”

A proactive partner in impactful initiatives 

Northrop Grumman’s commitment has transformed Space Foundation’s education programming into lifelong learning efforts that help people find their place in space. As demand for skilled talent increases in an ever-growing and broadening space economy, Northrop Grumman and the Northrop Grumman Foundation have positioned themselves as a proactive partner in initiatives that make a difference.

“This recognition reflects our passion and commitment to increase students’ abilities and interest in STEM to help inspire the next generation,” added Northrop Grumman Chief Diversity Officer & Vice President of Global Corporate Responsibility, Kenny Robinson. “Strong partnerships with organizations and institutions like Space Foundation are key to helping excite, engage and educate students."

Make an industry impact at Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman women push the boundaries of advancement through science, technology and engineering.

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