DXC Chief Data & Analytics Officer Srijani Dey authors paper

DXC Chief Data & Analytics Officer Srijani Dey authors paper

 March 28, 2023

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DXC Technology sees many talented women working within the company.

Chief Data & Analytics Officer, and a DXC distinguished technologist, Srijani Dey suggests, in a thought leadership paper, how embracing an entrepreneurial mindset and leveraging AI citizen developers can help overcome challenges and drive exponential business growth.

Tackling data science challenges through entrepreneurial thinking

After decades of investments in data and artificial intelligence (AI), many organizations are still dealing with a lack of scalability or flexibility, low trust in data and non-repeatable experiments where integration is an afterthought.

"In short, the end-to-end value-chain mapping is rigid and deficient, but there is one way to overcome this and unlock nascent value: corporate boardrooms and data operations need to think more like entrepreneurs, with a relentless focus on customer experience," says Srijani.

"Embedding data-driven insights into business processes requires continuous disruption and transformation. Companies that do this well are those that think like an entrepreneur — and this leads them to continual transformation and productive disruption," comments Srijani.

The importance of platform-driven thinking

Srijani shares how leading organizations are adopting a mindset of continual transformation and productive disruption.

"We’ve entered a new design concept era, involving a collection of tools, services, knowledge and support that empower teams to develop and enhance products, services or solutions at increased velocity," Srijani explains.

"For this to be successful, you need a value stream-based focus on improving business agility, a product-based organization and an operating model aligned to the goal of end user adoption, creating a new flow of data-driven business transformation," adds Srijani.

Wherever businesses are on their artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) journey, DXC Technology can meet them there and help them to develop their own entrepreneurial approach to data science.

“In the past, business drove needs and IT delivered. Today, innovative technology solutions are driving growth and empowering businesses to think differently. The many technology options unleash various possibilities that were unimaginable before, so seize the opportunity at hand. This is the era every technologist wants to be in,” says Srijani.

Distinguished Technologist leading business transformation initiatives

Srijani leads business transformation initiatives, delivers strategic technology roadmaps, and heads a Center of Excellence for analytics workload migration to accelerate customers’ modernization journeys. She speaks at global conferences, including conferences on autonomous driving (simulation and functional testing) and service-based metadata for data quality control. Srijani publishes perspectives on data and analytics topics. She has a patent-pending solution on cloud workload governance, monitoring and self-healing, and has previously won a DXC Award for Technical Excellence.

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