QBE aims to increase diversity of tech and data teams

QBE aims to increase diversity of tech and data teams

 March 28, 2023

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As part of its commitment to create an inclusive and diverse workplace and to empower all of its employees to reach their full potential, QBE European Operations (QBE) is partnering with Women in Data.

Women in Data is committed to furthering the careers of women and gender diverse professionals in the data and technology industry.

Helping raise the profile of female professionals 

"QBE is delighted to partner with Women in Data to help raise the profile of the many female data and tech professionals in our organisation," said QBE. 

Through the partnership, QBE hopes to create an environment of learning and networking, while also striving to increase the diversity of its data science, actuarial and Tech and Data teams.

In the next five years, QBE expects to see the data landscape in the UK continuing to evolve. Insurers are increasingly turning to new and innovative data sets to better understand the characteristics and risks of their insured assets, as well as the credit quality, and attitudes to risk of their insureds.

Spotlighting women in data 

In addition, advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are enabling data to be collected, analyzed, and used to aid decision-making more quickly and accurately than ever before.

"We believe that this will be a key area of focus for data professionals in the coming years," said QBE. 

QBE has spotlighted three women as part of the partnership:

  • Devanshi Upreti, QBE Lead Data Scientist
  • Ishita Bhatia, QBE Lead Pricing Actuary for Energy and Construction
  • Rebecca Broome, QBE Actuarial Analyst

QBE champions women in data roles 

Looking to embark on an exciting career in data or tech?

QBE nurtures female talent in these areas, so search the latest career opportunities and apply. 


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