Honeywell careers can impact the future, so hear from Anni Lano

Honeywell careers can impact the future, so hear from Anni Lano

 June 13, 2023

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The future is what we make it. So making an impact, forging real connections, and being our best selves through our career is key.

And Honeywell believes that what happens tomorrow is determined by what we do today.

The women at Honeywell bring their ideas, passions and entrepreneurial drive to solve customer and societal challenges to transform the world we live in.

Honeywell employees are connected to a common purpose of innovation and creating exceptional technologies with a responsibility to ensure a more sustainable future.

Meet Anni Lano, a Senior Global Talent Manager for Honeywell Building Technologies (HBT). She leads the business employee learning and development strategy as well as a range of various people-focused programs and initiatives.

In addition to her day job, Anni is a core member in Honeywell’s AllAbilities Network - Honeywell’s Employee Resource Group focusing on disability inclusion. 

Supporting career development 

Anni's role at Honeywell includes building Leadership Development Programs. "It is a great opportunity to get to know our people in our business and support them in their career development," explains Anni. 

Anni considers her current job one of her career highlights, she shares: "As the Learning Development Leader for HBT, I love being able to support our employees in their personal development with Honeywell, giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential in their roles."

As the AllAbilities Accessibility team leader, Anni shares: "We are a team of 25 people globally who are passionate about making our company and our products more accessible to people with disabilities. We have been able to make impacts on the accessibility of our facilities, processes, policies and also our Honeywell product-enabling our mission to increase disability inclusion and accessible design," says Anni.

Honeywell's people are its greatest strength 

Anni believes that Honeywell’s success comes from its workforce. "I think Honeywell’s greatest strength is the people who work here!" she attests. 

"Everyone I work with is always willing to support and go above and beyond to do good work. The people I work with at Honeywell, in all the jobs I have held, are very supportive and have a strong desire to do their best to reach our goals."

In her spare time, Anni enjoys being with family and friends and enjoying her various hobbies such as musical improvisation and vintage shopping. 

Join the many impressive women at Honeywell 

Honeywell actively supports women's career development and are encouraged to reach their full potential. 

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