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Behind the scenes: Diageo women led responsible drinking campaign

Behind the scenes: Diageo women led responsible drinking campaign

 April 19, 2023

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Go behind the scenes of Diageo's women-led Enjoy Slow responsible drinking campaign supporting the Captain Morgan brand which sees an incredible performance by multi-award-winning singer, songwriter and rapper Bree Runway. The piece is directed by Jocelyn Anquetil and calls on people to ‘Enjoy Slow’ - and celebrate drinking in moderation.

Leading the agenda 

"It's all about moderation. Less alcohol doesn't mean less fun," comments Bree Runway.

Global Brand Director for Captain Morgan, Samori Gambrah, explains: "When I think about Diageo, we have a target to reach one billion consumers with messages of moderation. And Captain Morgan has an ambition on top of that, to lead that agenda."

Promoting responsible drinking 

Virtue Executive Creative Director, Nate Woodhead, highlights how, to do moderation well and promote responsible drinking, they had to make the video fun. "We decided to team up with Jocelyn at Pulse Films. We just knew her experience as a director could really help bring out that fun."

"It's all about moderation. Less alcohol doesn't mean less fun. So I'm actually the queen of enjoying slow. I'm all about just being here, in the moment, but taking it easy at the same time." reinforces Bree.

"We knew that one of the key parts that could help us tell that story would be music. So we paired with Bree with 'Rhythm of the Night' and have created a mashup," comments Nate. 

A powerful message of moderation

Choreographer Kash Powell says: "I love working with Bree because she pushes my artistry to the max. She's such a humble soul. There's so much to learn from her."

"I'm just so happy I get to be part of something that is super true to me," attests Bree. 

"This campaign needs to spread like wildfire. But we need everyone to get on board. It's not about the brand alone, it's about this powerful message of moderation, in the now," says Samori.

Having fun while slowing down

The global ‘Enjoy Slow’ campaign consists of an omni-channel launch including digital and broadcast that will initially launch in Great Britain, South Africa this Spring, and markets across Eastern Europe later this year, followed by additional countries around the world. The first set of media plans are set to deliver over 163 million impressions across the UK and South Africa alone.

The Enjoy Slow campaign is part of Captain Morgan’s broader commitment to responsible drinking. Captain Morgan continues to leverage relationships with US sports associations to encourage the consumption of water and has recently partnered with THINK! in the UK to tackle drink driving.

Join this progressive and responsible company

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