NTUs Dr. Daria Kuss shares research on BBC podcast

NTU's Dr. Daria Kuss shares research on BBC podcast

 April 26, 2023

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Associate Professor, Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist, Dr Daria Kuss from NTU School of Social Sciences, speaks to the BBC's The Forum about how our private and public spaces merge through mobile use.

Her insight through the podcast focuses on charting the seismic transformation of our lives caused by mobile communications.

Transforming how we communicate 

When telecoms engineer Martin Cooper first chatted in public on a mobile phone 50 years ago few would have predicted that this brief telephone call would be the start of a revolution that would change the lives of billions.

Over the last half a century, the mobile has transformed not just how we communicate with each other but also how we view and interact with the world around us. However, recent research suggests that this may not all be for the best.

Drawing on listeners comments and questions, this BBC podcast explores what sets the mobile phone apart from previous communication devices. Why did SMS messaging take off so quickly after a slow start in the 1990s? And how did the morphing of a portable phone into a pocket computer a decade later lead to a situation where many people now interact with their phone more than with any human?  

Dr. Daria Russ contributes her insight alongside University of Michigan Professor of Telecommunications Scott Campbell whose work focuses on meanings, uses, and consequences of mobile communication in everyday life. Comedian and Exeter University PhD. candidate Helen Keen who researches social connections at the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health also participated in the BBC podcast, alongside educator Wong Fung Sing from Singapore, and listeners from around the world.

Psychological aspects of Internet and technology use

Dr Daria Kuss is a Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist, Associate Professor in Psychology, the Lead for the Cyberpsychology Research Group, and a member of the International Gaming Research Unit. 

She developed the MSc Cyberpsychology, and her current teaching and research focuses on Cyberpsychology - whch is the Psychology of Internet and Technology Use, and Addictive Behaviours. 

Dr Kuss supervises PhD researchers and MSc Cyberpsychology students and acts as mentor for staff in the Psychology Department.

Her research concerns the psychological aspects of Internet and technology use. She has worked with the World Health Organization, the European Parliament, and the Government Council of the Czech Republic. Her work has been featured in the House of Commons Select Committee reports. Dr Kuss is a member of the evidence group of the UK Council for Internet Safety and the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Listen to the podcast.

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