Capgemini VP speaks at Defence Womens Network Conference

Capgemini VP speaks at Defence Women's Network Conference

 April 27, 2023

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Capgemini is committed fostering an inclusive culture, building a place where its people can thrive.

As a platinum sponsor of the Defence Women’s Network Conference, an event bringing together the Defence and Security Sector, Capgemini is celebrating diversity and the efforts that can make Defence more inclusive.

Defence Women's Network

How women can better assert themselves

Capgemini sponsors Defence Women’s Network Conference

The theme of Defence Women’s Network Conference taking place in London UK is Leadership and Self-Empowerment and explores how female leaders at any grade can enhance their skills to become the leader they aspire to be.

At the event, Capgemini Vice President and defence expert, Nikki Staerck, is part of a panel session discussing The Power of No: The Importance of Setting Boundaries and Realistic Goals.

During the panel session, Nikki shares her personal experiences on how women can better assert themselves, while maintaining good relationships and still be there to support and assist colleagues.

"I'm delighted that Capgemini is sponsoring the 2023 Defence Women's Network Conference. Be sure to join me as I will be taking part in a panel session titled: The Power of No: The Importance of Setting Boundaries and Realistic Goals," says Nikki.

"Not knowing how to say 'no' is a problem that many people face and can be particularly daunting within the workplace. None of us want to feel as if we've let others down but sometimes it's necessary to set realistic expectations or not be pressured into something you really don't want to or can't be part of," comments Nikki.

Nikki is passionate about women's rights, and creating a diverse and inclusive environment that is comfortable for all colleagues. Nikki continuously plays a leading role in women’s networks that have actively improved the diversity balance and are helping to drive a good culture for a fair and equitable workplace.​​

 Defence Women's Network

Attracting women to the defence industry

Awarded the Times Top 50 Employers for Women, Capgemini believes a workplace where everyone feels valued for who they are isn’t just a powerful moral responsibility, it’s also a source of competitive advantage.

In Capgemini's commitment to breaking down barriers to a better future, supporting the Defence Women’s Network Conference provides Capgemini's with the opportunity to be a part of creating a truly inclusive workplace within the defence industry by attracting women to this sector who have traditionally been underrepresented, and to retain the company's already considerable talent. ​

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Capgemini is a diverse collective of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs and experts, all working together to unleash human energy through technology, for an inclusive and sustainable future.

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