Nikki Lees discusses QBEs improved employee benefits

Nikki Lees discusses QBE's improved employee benefits

 April 27, 2023

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QBE European Operations People Director of Inclusion & Wellbeing, Nikki Lees, has spoken to Insurance Business Magazine about bold steps QBE is taking to improve its benefits and wellbeing programs.

Nikki discusses QBE European Operations equal maternity and paternity leave in the UK, the company's Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report, and further new initiatives aimed at promoting employee wellbeing and inclusion.

Increased female representation 

Looking at QBE's Ethnicity and Gender Pay Gap Report, Nikki says she is pleased with the progress the company is making.

"Our mean gender pay gap and bonus pay gap continue to decrease year-on-year. And the majority of that is associated with the increased female representation levels we're seeing. Our global target is to achieve 40% women in leadership by the end of 2025, and we're well on track to deliver that,” explains Nikki.

She highlights the willingness of QBE European Operations to achieve ambitious targets, and says there's an appetite for change. 

A loyal and committed workforce  

The equalisation of QBE’s paternity leave is a significant step, she said, but the only way to ensure that it has the intended effect is by creating the right culture to sit behind that offering – where taking paternity leave and extended time out is normalized.

“We’ve had a great people leadership briefing internally to really talk about the cultural change that needs to go alongside that,” says Nikki. “And we know that offering that extended leave has wide-ranging benefits for co-parents, for children - and for us in having a workforce that’s hopefully even more loyal and committed.”

Creating lasting and meaningful change 

Looking at how to create lasting and meaningful change, Nikki explains: "To me, it’s really important that we keep listening to what matters to people, to what they want from our benefits and policies. I think that’s what helps them to be so well-received when we put them out there because they’re a response to people’s needs. And I think when people know what they’re asking for is being acted on, they know this is a culture where you can speak up, and you can share an idea.”

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QBE European Operations values employee wellbeing

Working in a progressive and diverse workplace is great for mental health. 

QBE European Operations has shown a willingness to continue driving inclusion in the workplace. 

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