Meet QBE European Operations Lead Pricing Actuary, Ishita Bhatia

Meet QBE European Operations Lead Pricing Actuary, Ishita Bhatia

 April 27, 2023

Meet QBE European Operations Lead Pricing Actuary for Energy & Construction, Ishita Bhatia. Ishita is a qualified Actuary and for almost a decade has worked as a risk consultant.

"I am the Lead Pricing Actuary for Energy and Construction. They are major areas of focus for QBE European Operations, and we’re building out a range of capabilities to respond to the needs of our customers to achieve a net-zero emission economy by 2050," shares Ishita. 

Discussing her experience of working in the London office, Ishita says: "I came to London from Singapore. It is very similar in many ways including the culture, which is very inclusive and metropolitan. The biggest difference is the size of the portfolio I deal with which is two/three times bigger than the Asia/Singapore one."

Collaborative colleagues in the team 

Looking at working in the Data Science and Pricing team specifically, Ishita shares: "It’s been absolutely incredible!. Everyone in the team has been very collaborative with colleagues regularly helping with brainstorming idea sessions. The senior team are very supportive, and I wouldn’t change anything."

Getting to work with people that come from very different backgrounds and trying to gel with them is what excites Ishita most about her role. "Coming from a mathematical and statistical background what also excites me is the contrast of working with the insurance underwriters, getting to understand their expertise and using it to help me achieve my goals," she says. 

Career advice for people starting in data science and pricing

When asked what career advice she would give to someone starting out in data science and pricing, Ishita says: "Ask as many questions as you can to try and figure out where your interests lie. Don’t settle for anything which you are not entirely conformable with.

Looking at the changes she'd like to see in the data industry, Ishita concludes: "A lot of data is historically kept on desktops, so the last five years of my career was trying to collate the data and put in a central location so that it can be more easily accessed. The wealth of data that businesses hold is still largely untapped so that is something I’d like to see improved as it will enable me and my colleagues do a better job pricing risk."

QBE employs impressive female thought leaders 

QBE European Operations offers a very collaborative workplace environment. 

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