Candy Chatawanich is Honeywells Senior Director of Engineering

Candy Chatawanich is Honeywell's Senior Director of Engineering

 June 08, 2023

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Honeywell Senior Director of Engineering Candy Chatawanich leads a global team of engineers that develops cutting-edge technology for Honeywell Aerospace to ensure travelers and cargo travel safely, efficiently, and on time.

A college entry essay on microbes used to clean oil spills in the ocean inspired Candy’s path to becoming an engineer and having a real, practical impact on the world.

Being at the forefront of technology

For Candy, being a Futureshaper means being at the forefront of technology. "I lead the Power Systems Engineering team. We are leveraging our vast experience and history to shape the future of flight," she says. 

Making an impact through collaboration

Candy brings people together through the company's Asian Employee Network.

"Being the leader of the Honeywell Asian Employee Network affords me the opportunity to make an impact by helping people in this large corporation - Honeywell - to make connections, especially with people outside of their immediate work group across the globe." 

The importance of balance

How has Candy continued to excel and shape the future during her two-decade long career as an engineer? Balance. When she’s not shaping the aerospace industry, she’s staying active through dance, yoga and her new hobby, kickboxing. 

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