DXC Technology VP speaks at Dell Technologies World 2023

 June 08, 2023

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DXC Technology sees many impressive women thought leaders and industry experts within its organization.

Speaking with Cynthia Wilson from Dell Technologies at Dell Technologies World 2023 was one such woman - DXC Technology's Dr Aditi Banerjee, VP & General Manager of Aerospace, Defense & Manufacturing.

Internet of Things improving manufacturing 

When asked about her knowledge of how the Internet of Things can impact and improve manufacturing, Dr Banerjee said: "The manufacturing industry is always looking at improving their KPI's for example the overall equipment effectiveness, the quality, the production, the throughput - and IOT is an enabler for that, to drive that transformation, the improvements in manufacturing, and helping manufacturing deliver on their KPI's. So the Internet of Things provides an excellent way of connectivity - connecting machines to the cloud and then extracting the performance data from machines to drive improvements right through advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning."

Building solutions together 

 Dr Banerjee highlighted that DXC Technology is highly focused on Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, saying: "I have a lot of clients in the manufacturing industry, as well as in aerospace and defense, who are seriously looking at Smart Factory. So we bring solutions to them, we partner with our ecosystems to build solutions together, for example, like manufacturing execution systems, and then we have solutions in condition maze-based monitoring, predictive maintenance, quality management through defect inspection, and so on. So we have many solutions in those areas, and we do it in a way that the solutions are scalable across many different plants and the architecture goes with it, with complete vigilance of the security that is needed to deliver some of these. And our ecosystem partners in these solutions are like iBase-t, PTC, Dell, and some of the cloud providers wherever there is a cloud in the journey. So we have many partners in the ecosystem who come together to do develop these solutions."

A proud sponsor 

DXC Technology was a proud platinum sponsor of Dell Technologies World 2023, where it showcased its Cloud, Security, Modern Workplace, Virtual Desktop and IoT capabilities. 

The event was held in Las Vegas and focused on tomorrow’s emerging trends through inspiring visionary keynotes, advanced breakout sessions, and curated networking opportunities. 

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