John Deere supports its women to realize their full potential

John Deere supports its women to realize their full potential

 June 28, 2023

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John Deere believes in equity and is proud that its employees live by this value.

"What does that mean?" asks John Deere. "It means we recognize that no two people are the same and aim to give each and every employee the resources, support, and opportunities they individually need to succeed."

Fairness and justice in the workplace

John Deere reinforces that equity refers to both fairness and justice. "The term implies that though our starting points might differ, our chances for success shouldn’t. We recognize this. That’s why we do what we can to level the playing field. Equity lets everyone realize their full potential – making our team even stronger."

John Deere consistently forges an inclusive workplace 

John Deere is an employer that truly values diversity and believes in equity. 

The company celebrates diversity, champions equity, and promotes inclusiveness so every employee can make the greatest impact as their true self.

Sound like the ideal employer?

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