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DHL women rise up the ranks of male dominated logistics industry

DHL women rise up the ranks of male dominated logistics industry

 July 04, 2023

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DHL Supply Chain has spotlighted women leaders rising up the ranks. These women bring their unique experience and leadership skills to the management mix.

DHL asked these woman the same two questions: What’s something you’ve done recently that you’re proud of? What message would you give women coming into the industry?

See what they had to say.

Meet DHL VP of Operations for Retail & E-commerce, Brazil, Gabriela Guimaraes 

"I took the role of Vice President of Operations for Retail and E-commerce in Brazil at the beginning of 2021 with a clear view of what I had to do: Grow the sector," shares Gabriela. "I’m proud of the growth we have delivered as One Team. Since 2021 in my sector alone, we’ve achieved more than 100 percent consistent growth.

"Of course, I could not deliver all of it without an amazing and focused team. I would tell women starting out in my industry to take risks, be bold and don’t be afraid to speak up and share your ideas. You have a voice that deserves to be heard, and your contributions can make a difference. Finally, build a support system of mentors, allies, and peers who will encourage and challenge you to grow."

Meet DH: President of Packaging for North America, Alicemarie Geoffrion 

Alicemarie says: "I am most proud of the awesome team we created as every person, across every role within the group, is an amazing contributor and integral to the success of the Packaging business. Each day at work it is extremely rewarding to watch how the team collaborates and leverages their individual strengths to support growth and drive operational excellence across our packaging sites.

"My message to women starting out would be, always be willing to take on new roles and discover new areas of the business. Don’t be afraid to pursue roles you may not necessarily have all the skills for because you can achieve any goal you set for yourself through motivation, hard work, and perseverance! Find the right balance between work and your personal life that works best for you and know that this will not look the same for everyone."

Meet HR Director Philippines & HR Lead, Southeast Asia, Katrina Soliveres

"I’m very proud of the work my team and I have done in leadership development over the last 12-24 months," says Katrina. 

"What’s truly fantastic is seeing that our senior leaders are really onboard with this vision. It has given me the opportunity to witness the positive impact in our leadership capability and our diversity, and in turn our ability to foster meaningful career growth for many.

"This goes for everybody from graduates to rising stars to supervisors and the senior management team. Developing leaders is a passion of mine both personally and professionally. Whenever I am asked what I want to be known for, I say, “For leading businesses with future-ready talent that can drive success and find true meaning in the work they contribute."

Katrina would tell women starting out in her business three things. "First, know your strengths and limitations. Be open about it. If there is an opportunity to build on those development areas – grab it. Second, know your values and boundaries and make them clear. Really think about what you want to be known for, and truly live and breathe this quality. Third, be critical, resourceful and proactive."

Meet DHL Chief of Staff, Strategy Lead, Anett Jarrect 

"A few weeks ago we started the process to advance the DHL Supply Chain Global strategy. I have a great team that delivered on all the commitments we have for DHL Supply Chain internally, at Group level, and for external stakeholders, so I could focus on shaping the discussion with our global Board," explains Anett.  

"I’m really proud that all that work paid off, enabling great discussions and concluding with clear directions going forward for the division. And of course it was a pleasure to discuss with our very focused and passionate Board. Always a learning opportunity!

"I have two messages for women starting out in our business: Be curious! Go and see our business to understand how you can help continuously improve it. Be open! Get to know as many people as possible including beyond your immediate responsibility. Our colleagues are what makes this a Great Company to Work for All and a solid network is extremely valuable."

Meet DHL Head of Global Account Management, Julie Moorhead 

"Part of our CDO Strategy for 2022 was to create a Global Account Assessment," explains Julie. "I’m so proud of our Global Account Management team. We developed a concept, built a tool, launched a pilot, adjusted the approach based on pilot results; socialized with the regions, and implemented a fully digitized program in less than a year.

"We moved swiftly, adjusted based on feedback and took a chance. If we had waited until we felt we had all the answers, we would have never gotten the concept off the ground. #Besmart #Bebold #Becourageous

"I would tell women starting out in this business: Don’t compare yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of joy – don’t let it dim your light. Also, challenge yourself to be one step better than the day before."

Meet DHL Supply Chain Managing Director for Poland, Monika Duda

"DHL Supply Chain in Poland makes a real effort to offer good working conditions for our warehouse staff. We strive to reach high productivity targets but compensate our teams fairly. This factor is particularly important for jobs on the floor: Motivated teams are the key to reaching results. This is why we build a culture that allows for open communication at all levels of the organization," says Monika. 

"We don’t create top-down barriers, and we take periodic evaluations very seriously. Last year we had 70 % of internal promotions, and I’m really proud of that.

"My advice to women starting out, would be: Dare to dream, dare to have goals, don’t be afraid to try new things, go out of your comfort zone to learn more and be a good colleague and valuable part of the team.

"Relations to other people that we build when we are young often stay with us for the rest of our lives. DHL is a perfect place to meet great people and make lifelong friends."

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