NTU women work with outstandingly talented students

NTU women work with outstandingly talented students

 July 05, 2023

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At Nottingham Trent University (NTU) women have the opportunity to work with outstandingly talented students like fashion design student Tegan Cooke.

Tegan has fibromyalgia, a condition which can cause fatigue, insomnia and joint pain. To help others, Tegan crafted a clothing range to help others who have hidden disabilities. 

Such is the pioneering nature of her collection, Tegan was interviewed by the BBC, highlighting how 'inclusive fashion is the next big thing.'

Inclusive fashion for all 

NTU talented women Tegan Cooke

Tegan's designs draw on the concept of pressure therapy and incorporate gentle compression on the shoulders and knees, designed to offer a soothing pressure.

Speaking to the BBC, Tegan said: "The pressure helps secure 'clicky' joints and prevents them from moving out of place and being uncomfortable. It also gives comfort to achy legs and makes the clothes soothing to wear."

"A thick label sewn into my clothing, or even a loose thread that hasn't been snipped away can cause intense irritation," she said.

"For my collection I considered a range of different fabrics, ensuring that they were soft and breathable, allowing the wearer comfort and the ability to regulate their body temperature, another symptom of the condition."

Catering for people with hidden disabilities 

NTU Tegan Cooke

"Inclusive fashion is the next big thing, but I don't think that people with hidden disabilities are catered for by the accessible market yet," said Tegan.

"I wanted to create clothing that helps relieve people's symptoms, but which isn't plain and boring."

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