Theramexs Kim Brouns inspires women to discuss health topics

Theramex's Kim Brouns inspires women to discuss health topics

 July 06, 2023

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Meet Kim Brouns, Theramex Key Account Manager in Women’s Health & Fertilit in The Netherlands. 

Kim advocates for women's health, inspiring the women in her life to speak more openly about their health needs, no matter how taboo it may feel.

Discussing women's health topics 

Kim has successfully encouraged many women in her life to discuss women’s health-related topics, and has encouraged her friends and colleagues to do the same among their own networks of colleagues, friends and family members.

It’s never too late to commit to a health resolution and make a healthy difference.

"I have had very proactive and open discussions with the women in my life," shares Kim. "Our conversations on women's health inspires them to do the same at workplaces and with their families."

Driven by patient welfare 

A passionate account manager driven by patient welfare and women's health, Kim enjoys being in contact with clients and health care professionals and working together in advancing medical science and its implementation, as well as raising awareness for women's health issues.

Using a structured approach and a customer focused open mind, Kim is able to connect and commit. "As a loyal energetic pacemaker, dedicated to strive for perfection, I have developed great awareness of public health and sales and marketing over the years."

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