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DHL VP Tamara Heinze is a trailblazer for women in technology

DHL VP Tamara Heinze is a trailblazer for women in technology

 July 19, 2023

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Women, DHL is certainly the place to be!

DHL's roles are as diverse as the people who do them.

You might join DHL as an experienced professional or perhaps as an apprentice working your way up through Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Industrial Projects or any of DHL's functions and sectors – across 100 countries.

DHL is fully inclusive, and it expects all of its people to treat each other with respect. DHL has a simple policy on diversity: if you can help DHL's business, they want you to work for them.

Amidst its ranks are many talented women, working across a wide range of roles and functions.

Being a woman in IT is exciting

A trailblazer for women in IT, Tamara Heinze is Vice President, Head of Global Infrastructure, Service Management, IT Security, GSC IT, DHL Global Forwarding & DHL Freight.

Tamara has an exciting career journey, is passionate about her work and supporting others, and always aims to be the best version of herself every day.

“We need to learn to look beyond what we recognize on the outside with our eyes, and not only see the difference, but rather explore how this can have a positive effect on us and our surroundings. Everyone has their own strengths to contribute to our common goals,” suggests Tamara.

"Being a woman in IT is exciting and challenging. It combines technological innovation and creativity, but has traditionally been male-dominated. You might encounter obstacles, but it is a realm of endless opportunities where women can make a meaningful impact."

Empowering women to excel in leadership roles 

Tamara has a passion and commitment to engage in initiatives that aim to empower women to excel in leadership roles. 

On such initiative is DHL's Shift Up a Gear program which provides women with mentorship, training and resources to advance their careers and drive positive change.

The value of mentorship 

Despite a different educational background, Tamara entered the field of IT due to the encouragement of her mentor, who also fostered her growth. 

"The value of mentorship was subsequently integrated into my professional routine," explains Tamara. 

Fostering an inclusive environment

Tamara regularly plays tennis with a group of people who rely on a wheelchair. "I even tried playing tennis in a wheelchair myself," says Tamara. "Everyone brings their own strengths to contribute to our common goals. The same goes for managers; we have the responsibility to identity these strengths and foster an inclusive environment."

"It's important to take care of yourself," shares Tamara. "Only if you take care of yourself can you take of others by bringing your best self to work. My favorite downtime is spending time walking with my husband and Jasper, my bearded collie." 

Join the many inspiring woman at DHL

DHL connects its employees to its culture through various initiatives such as onboarding, recognition, and appreciation programs; all this without leaving aside the responsibility DHL feels support the communities it operates in.

Women looking for a new challenge can thrive in a role at DHL


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