Purpose, People and Products Drive Energy

Purpose, People and Products Drive Energy

 August 01, 2017

WHEN YOU BRING A CLEAR PURPOSE, connected products and great people together, amazing things happen. Growth happens. The converging of these three assets is what Schneider Electric lives and breathes. Their purpose is simple. They believe energy is a basic human right. While their products, services and solutions serve the world’s most sophisticated organisations, they never forget that access to energy is still an issue in the world.

Life is On

Approximately 300 million households worldwide at the BoP (those whose incomes are the lowest in the world, in a given country) still do not have access to energy. Through the BipBop (Business, Innovation, People at the Base Of the Pyramid) programme, Schneider Electric is developing access to reliable, affordable and clean energy to people who need it the most. Their company has electrified 128 rural schools throughout Kenya in 2015, giving 45,000 school children access to energy in Kenya. Schneider Electric’s purpose is to ensure Life is On, for everyone, everywhere. 

Truly connected purpose

This purpose runs through the company’s core, and it fuels strategic innovation at every level. Schneider Electric are proud manufacturers, but their products aren’t just any products, they’re connected products. As pioneers of the Internet of Things, 67 per cent of their products today are connected. Layer onto those connected products Edge Control, Apps and Analytics and Services and they’re set to continue pioneering in an increasingly more decarbonised, digitised and decentralised world.

Gender parity

Women at Schneider Electric create global strategies, lead multinational P&Ls, craft engineering solutions, manufacture products, design customer experiences and generate market insights and more. Through the UN’s HeforShe initiative, their target is for 30 per cent of top positions to be held by women in 2017, up from 22 per cent. But their aspiration is no less than parity. In their 170 year history, it has never been a more exciting time to be a woman at Schneider Electric and they encourage many more women to join for an exciting and rewarding career.

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