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DHL Japan hosted a warehouse tour for children with disabilities

DHL Japan hosted a warehouse tour for children with disabilities

 August 03, 2023

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Working for a community-focused employer can be a rewarding career choice. 

Colleagues from DHL in Japan volunteered to host a warehouse tour for children with disabilities.

The children got involved in picking and packing and discovering some of the many tools of warehousing.

Volunteering in local-level projects 

Through various incentives, DHL encourages its employees to volunteer in local-level projects and lay the foundation for long-term collaboration with charitable organizations.

By helping solve problems in their local communities, DHL employees not only make a contribution to society, but create a sense of community and teamwork that carries over into the workplace.

Work for a community-focused employer

DHL is an employer with a conscience. 

Give back via a new career with DHL


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