Mizuho strongly supports gender equality

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Men are truly allies of women at Mizuho

Men are truly allies of women at Mizuho

As a proud founding signatory of the Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter, Mizuho strongly supports the business case for gender equality and values diversity as an integral part of its strategy for competing in the marketplace.

Initiatives, such as succession planning, examining hiring practices and unconscious bias training, are helping to make the culture at these firms more female-friendly, and in the long run, should help firms attract and retain the best talent.

Gender equality is an issue for men too

With the full support of male colleagues, women at Mizuho are encouraged to reach their full potential in an environment free of bias.

“We’re striving to build an increasingly aspirational environment for current and future employees, operating in a culture which walks the walk. We encourage proactive initiatives from all staff and build diversity in all its forms. Our support for the Women in Finance Charter is an important step in this journey and I am proud to be Mizuho Bank’s named Ambassador for this initiative,” says Paul Carman, Managing Director, Head of International Acquisition Finance, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

As diversity and inclusion champion for Mizuho International, Christian Heiberg is responsible for driving change from the front.

“Mizuho is a great place to work with a pronounced entrepreneurial spirit. I was hired with a clear change agent mandate and that really inspires me,” he exclaims.

Women feel truly supported at Mizuho

In her role as Director, Information Systems at Mizuho International, Caroline feels fortunate to be part of this collaborative and sociable culture where women are encouraged to reach their full potential.

“Mizuho has a very friendly and inclusive working environment. This makes a significant difference, particularly when rolling out change programmes! If you need to meet with a colleague, you go for coffee.”

“Mizuho encourages and empowers women to succeed and it’s something they take very seriously.”



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