DXC helps train young people in India in Global Service Desk skills

DXC helps train young people in India in Global Service Desk skills

 August 08, 2023

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DXC Technology has partnered with not-for-profit education society (NGO) NIIT Foundation on a Pan-India program to train 4,500 youths in Global Service Desk skills.

"The program boosts employability with soft skills and professional courses, having employed 1,251 students," says DXC Technology.

Ensuring inclusive development of India

NIIT Foundation (NF) is a not-for-profit education society (NGO) set up by the promoters of NIIT in 2004. Its mission is to positively impact the under-privileged of the country through educational initiatives and skill development programs.

NIIT Foundation has a mandate to reach the unreached, uncared and unattended to ensure inclusive development of India. To shape the mandate, NIIT Foundation delivers a number of programs like donating for child education, skill development, financial literacy and all that positively impacts the under-served of the country through various educational interventions. The intent of NF is to better understand the education and employability issues at the grassroots level. The organization builds corporate and NGO partnerships for sustainable development.

Skill development and vocational training centers

NIIT Foundation has set up skill development and vocational training centers in urban and rural areas that offer placement support to all eligible students. NIIT Foundation has been delivering projects ranging from customized CSR activities, school programs, college collaborations, community initiatives, career and skill development courses, digital literacy and financial literacy programs and more.

NIIT Foundation educational programs also focus on enabling girls’ access to education and a career. All the programs are interactive and are designed to reach out to beneficiaries ranging from the age group of 6-60 years.

DXC is a community-focused employer

Working for an employer that is committed to giving back to the community can be a very rewarding career choice. 

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