Brianna Wade feels empowered by Honeywells employee network

Brianna Wade feels empowered by Honeywell's employee network

 August 16, 2023

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Meet Honeywell Senior HR Business Partner, Brianna Wade.

Brianna shares how being a part of the Heighten Your Professional Experience (HYPE) network has helped her and other young professionals learn how to voice their opinions and navigate the corporate world.

Ideas and thoughts welcomed 

"I feel like I can 100 per cent be myself here at Honeywell, simply because all of my thoughts and ideas are welcomed. I never feel I have to change who I am whenever I walk into a room," shares Briana. 

"The HYPE employee network helps me show up as my best me simply because I relate to it so much. The HYPE employee network simply allows everyone especially those who are early in their careers an opportunity to voice their opinion and to learn the corporate world. It's almost like a playbook on exactly what to do, how to progress your career, how to ask for more help if needed, and how to ask for more help if needed, and how to ask to stretch assignments to go a different function or a different role."

Defining the future you want 

Brianna shares that: "To be a Futureshaper is to really define what you want the future to be and go out and go for it."

"At Honeywell I feel empowered to show up as my best self, and I’m honored to help other young professionals feel the same with the employee network group HYPE."

Be a Honeywell Futureshaper 

Bring authenticity to a fabulous role at Honeywell.

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