EIB Group address how women are central to transport planning

EIB Group address how women are central to transport planning

 August 22, 2023

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Women working for the EIB Group enjoy many varied career opportunities.

Two women in particular have contributed their knowledge and insight into how women are often majority users of transport and therefore need to be present in the planning process to ensure their needs are properly addressed.

EIB Lead Economist in the bank's Strategic Railways Division of its Projects Directorate, Maja Roginska, and EIB Senior Gender Specialist Carmen Niethammer contributed to a report revealing that women are the core users of sustainable mobility.

"The transport sector is a key enabler of societies, allowing for the interconnection of people, goods and ideas. Currently, the transport sector is facing the challenges of sustainability, digitalisation and modernisation, as well as resilience," says the EIB. "Women are the key actors in sustainable mobility and the predominant users of sustainable transport modes."

Women are typically not only the primary users of sustainable mobility (public transport, walking) but have been found to pay more attention to potential environmental and related ecological issues. They are, as a result, more inclined to switch to sustainable transport modes.

"Women are also likely to pay more attention to environmental and ecological issues. If they are part of the equation, shouldn't they also be part of the solution?" commented the EIB. "Including gender equality in the development of transport plans and projects is part of the advisory support provided by the EIB through the JASPERS partnership to the Regional Government of Andalusia." JASPERS is a European Investment Bank & European Commission initiative.

Albert González Sánchez, a transport specialist in the Strategic Transport Advisory division of the European Investment Bank, was also an author of the Report highlighting addressing efforts to shape transport solutions for women and families.

"Women are an essential part of the climate solution: they are more likely to start sustainability-focused businesses, to improve energy efficiency and invest in renewables," commented EIB President Werner Hoyer. "Yet, despite the significant positive impact they can make, women face substantially more difficulties in accessing financing for their investment activities. This is where the EIB can make a difference."

While women are the biggest users and main champions of sustainable mobility, this is often not reflected in transport plans, strategies and projects. To correct this problem, the needs of women have to be considered separately, suggests the EIB.

Putting the needs of women to the fore 

EIB Climate solutions

The Regional Government of Andalusia in Spain and the European Investment Bank are working together in order to plan and develop a regional mobility system that puts the needs of women to the fore.

The inclusion of gender equality in the development of transport plans and projects is an integral part of the advisory support provided by the European Investment Bank to the regional government of Andalusia. 

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