DXC has a culture of recognition and continuous learning

DXC has a culture of recognition and continuous learning

 August 24, 2023

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DXC Technology takes pride in fostering a culture of recognition and continuous learning where women like Sreelekha R K and Sugandha Sinha thrive and contribute to its collective growth and success.

A commitment to learning 

Learn, unlearn then relearn. This has been a valuable lesson during Sreelekha's career at DXC Technology.

"I'm thankful for the organization's commitment to learning, evident through the DXC Learning Platform, Oracle Cloud Elevate Program, seminars and peer-led training sessions that fostered knowledge sharing," says Sreelekha [pictured above].

The development opportunities that Sreelekha has enjoyed while working for DXC Technology have greatly enhanced her understanding of the business and empowered her to confidently embrace new challenges.

Gratitude for recognition, motivation to excel 

DXC learning platform

It's the visibility and recognition that drive Sugandha's consistent performance. 

For this recognition and support, Sugandha's is very grateful to DXC Technology for valuing and appreciating her efforts.

"It motivates me to excel," says Sugandha.

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