Senior VP & CIO Kristie Grinnell discusses DXCs employee focus

Senior VP & CIO Kristie Grinnell discusses DXC's employee focus

 September 06, 2023

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Kristie Grinnell is Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer (CIO) at DXC Technology. 

Kristie leads DXC's global IT strategy and operations. She is responsible for integrating and streamlining systems, implementing new digital capabilities to improve performance and efficiency, and ensuring the stability of DXC Technology's global IT infrastructure, all with the goal of enabling the company to provide superior service and innovation to DXC's customers worldwide.

Here, Kristie provides her perspective on how DXC’s journey to delivering an employee-centric environment has evolved.

DXC is a virtual-first organization

DXC Technology is on a mission to enhance the employee experience and drive employee satisfaction with strategic IT. As such, DXC is committed to reinventing the workplace for its employees.

DXC became a virtual-first organization dedicated to creating a new employee experience that leverages the best technology to drive its teams’ productivity and satisfaction.

In DXC's paper, Put the employee experience first with a modern workplace, DXC described its route to delivering a personalized, friction-free workplace experience that empowers employees to connect, collaborate and work seamlessly and securely on any device, anytime and anywhere.

Furthermore, DXC Technology is recognized by Gartner® as a Leader in the 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Outsourced Digital Workplace Services - a testament to DXC's commitment to delivering excellence to its customers and colleagues.

Improving the technology experience for employees

Having joined DXC at a transitional moment for IT, Kristie shares what point of view she brought to the strategy of improving employees’ technology experience.

"The overall vision is to get to Digital DXC," she says. "That means we have an employee experience where the tools just work, where the information people need is at their fingertips—where it’s easy for them to do their jobs. To accomplish that we need systems and processes to talk to each other all the time to get the data to guide us in addressing pain points and getting people productive faster by giving them access to the services and knowledge they need, when they need them, in a one-stop shop." [DXC was created from a merger and acquisition, so our tools, systems and processes don’t always seamlessly talk to each other.] 

"When employees don’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to do something, they can switch to delivering for the customer," explains Kristie.

Read more here about Kristie's views on driving employee satisfaction.

DXC values the employee experience 

Working for a company that places such emphasis on the employee experience can make for a rewarding career choice. 

Research the many job vacancies with DXC and embark on a fabulous career.


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