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Diageo's Akousa Acquaah attests to Diageo's great strides in equality

 September 07, 2023

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Diageo Business Development Coordinator in London UK, Akosua Acquaah, has enjoyed an exceptional 25-year career at Diageo - and she knows that Diageo has forged significant progress for women in business in those past 25 years.

Here she discusses how the business has changed for women since she first started working at Diageo.

A strong commitment to diversity 

From inclusiveness to work-life balance Diageo is making strides in their approach to equality in the workplace. 

A strong commitment to diversity has seen many women working in managerial positions across Diageo.

"I joined the Diageo 25 years ago. We've come far. It used to be the man's world, but now we have a lot of women in management," says Akosua.

Good inclusion and work-life balance 

"The inclusiveness is good, and the work-life balance has also improved," attests Akosua.

"Some of the people that I need to connect to are in Budapest and some in the U.S. They are great people and great brands who are like a second family because the people are great as well to work for, and they have a caring attitude. I feel valued, and my opinions are really respected."

Congratulations to Diageo that celebrates 25 years of remarkable innovation and growth.

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