QBE European Operations hybrid working approach benefits all

QBE European Operations' hybrid working approach benefits all

 September 12, 2023

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Looking to work for a company offering different modes of working?

QBE European Operations offers its employees many flexible ways of working. 

QBE European Operations Marketing Business Partner, Chiara Zaccariotto [pictured above] believes that flexibility can pave the way for innovation.

"My way of being brings me to alternate between intense moments of hyperactivity and multitasking that use 110 per cent of my mind, and moments when I need to disconnect, physically move, and be alone in silence," explains Chiara. 

"Thanks to QBE's extreme flexibility, I can work at my own pace and manage my abilities to the best. And I think that this attention to its people and their wellbeing with continued service and improvement is the best innovative choice a company can make. So thanks QBE."

A flexible employer 

QBE commits to being an inclusive, flexible, and supportive employer that provides its employees with the opportunity to work flexibly.

The company's hybrid working approach means everyone can enjoy the benefits of virtual working, while evolving its offices to become a place for purposeful collaboration and personal connection. This is key for alle mployees, especially women returners. 

"Work is a thing we do, not a place we go," says QBE European Operations. "Our approach to hybrid working is supported by our Flex@QBE principles."

The principles aim to balance the needs of QBE's people, customers and business and are built on three core aspects:

  • the work that to be done
  • working as a team
  • working at one's best

Ways of working to empower people 

QBE is changing the way it works and enhancing how it can deliver at work and prioritize what matters to employees personally. This is because it has the right technology, workplace design, and ways of working to empower all of its people.

QBE takes into consideration a range of aspects impactng its employees' needs and preferences:

  • Location - From working across boundaries in global teams to activity based working, QBE mixes it up with work locations. QBE trusts its people to focus on performance and outputs and the value everyone creates.
  • Dress - Dressing for the day, whether business attire or business casual, QBE has the flexibility to 'Dress for our Day'
  • Time - Flexible schedules, flexible start or finish times, part-time work, job sharing and flexible leave (study, purchased leave, floating religious holidays and volunteer leave). 
  • Think - Because everyone is unique and brings different perspectives, QBE is open to new thinking and fresh ideas to fuel innovation and drive change.
  • Tools - Collaboration and social tools across teams and timezones are key – chat platforms, video conferencing and social media platforms i.e. Microsoft Teams, Yammer, Sharepoint, Mobile Workday and more.
  • Benefits - A variety of local benefits are on offer including leave support for carers, discounted insurance products, gym memberships, health & well-being programs and more.

QBE European Operations offers flexible working for all 

Achieving a positive work/life balance is important, and something that QBE champions. 

Discover the latest job roles at QBE and begin your new career journey. 


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