EIBs Nancy Saich and Eila Kreivi participate in climate talks

EIB's Nancy Saich and Eila Kreivi participate in climate talks

 September 26, 2023

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Many talented women are enjoying purposeful careers as they work to address the impact of climate change and forge environmental sustainability. As such, the European Investment Bank (EIB) offers many exciting careers within this arena. 

Looking for a role supporting sustainable development?

EIB, the EU bank, is the lending arm of the European Union. EIB is the biggest multilateral financial institution in the world and one of the largest providers of climate finance. Supporting low-carbon and climate resilient growth is one of the EIB's top priorities. Through its operations, the Bank acts as a catalyst, mobilizing investment in favor of climate action in over 160 countries around the world. The Bank invests in projects that contribute to mitigating and adapting to climate change worldwide.

So the work at EIB is truly purposeful, impactful and exciting.

Stepping up climate action

An EIB delegation participated in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and also Climate Week NYC

UNGA is the main policy-making organ of the United Nations (UN). Comprising all Member States, UNGA provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of international issues covered by the Charter of the UN. 

UNGA gathered global leaders to discuss strategies to confront the poly-crises our world faces and determined ways to accelerate the 2030 Global Agenda for Sustainable Development through innovative investment. As such, EIB President Werner Hoya [pictured below] was in attendance, along with further EIB experts, and spoke at the UNGA Climate Ambition Summit, providing three reasons why ambitious climate action is the great development accelerator: renewables are reliable, cheaper, faster; decarbonisation boosts jobs; and fighting climate change is an investment opportunity.

EIB Werner Hoyer

Climate Week NYC brings together international leaders from business, government and civil society to address and showcase global climate action, and is run by non-profit organization, The Climate Group, that works with leaders around the world to address climate change.

A special Climate Week NYC event hosted by Project Syndicate in partnership with the EIB, brought together political and business leaders, decision takers and civil society representatives.

Making the business case for climate action.

EIB Vice President Thomas Östros spoke at the Climate & Development Finance: What Works? event, in partnership with Project Syndicate, emphasizing the importance of making the business case for climate action. Ambroise Fayolle, a further Vice President at the EIB, also addressed the event.

EIB experts Nancy Saich and Eila Kreivi spoke on financing the transition away from fossil fuels, adaptation finance, and the need to put impact on the map.

Discussing climate and development finance 

EIB Nancy Saich

Chief Climate Change Expert at the EIB, Nancy Saich, spoke about how policymakers and financial institutions deliver development that works for both people and the planet?

"We want to mobilize more private finance for adaptation also through innovative funds. But a lot of adaptation needs to be financed differently and some will need public funding, so analysing gaps and identifying the appropriate type of funding is key," explained Nancy.

EIB sustainability

Nancy also discussed funding the transition away from fossil fuels. 

"We have not been paying enough attention to the Paris alignment - to the alignment of all finance with the temperature and the climate-resilience goals," said Nancy.

Encouraging sustainable investments 

Climate action EIB

EIB’s Chief Sustainable Finance Adviser, Eila Kreivi, highlighted the goals of the Sustainable Development Agenda, and how to meet them by 2030. Eila encouraged investment in projects that really work for the green and just transition. Eila also spoke about putting not only goals, but impact, on the map when it comes to the SDGs.

"Why are we still making new investments in fossil fuels when we are trying to reduce carbon emissions? That makes absolutely zero sense," said Eila.

The EIB Group is a sustainability-focused employer 

Working on projects that benefit the environment can be a very rewarding career choice. 

Passionate about making a difference?

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