John Deeres WomenREACH employee resource group is great

John Deere's WomenREACH employee resource group is great

 September 26, 2023

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John Deere believes by strengthening the diversity of its workforce, it can give everyone their chance to leap forward. That’s why John Deere celebrates diversity, champions equity, and promotes inclusiveness so every employee can make the greatest impact as their true self.

Celebrating female employees

John Deere Inclusion Diversity

Earlier this year, John Deere's employee resource group, WomenREACH, initiated the Women@John Deere shirt campaign to celebrate the company's female employees.

Actively driving inclusion

John Deere Inclusion

“The impact is immense," explained Kimberly Noe, chair of WomenREACH. "Over 9,000 women globally are proudly wearing these shirts, which showcases our female talent, drives inclusion, and shares the pride that comes with being called a John Deere employee.”

"A lot of what makes us different actually makes us the same. Pretty great to see what started as a small idea spread to our employees globally!" said Laurel Caes, John Deere's creator of the initiative.

Leaping forward together 

John Deere Diversity

"What a wonderful way to showcase our diverse global talent! I can't wait to be traveling, see someone wearing this shirt, and automatically know that we run, so life can leap forward together!" said John Deere Sustainability Program Manager, Kimberly Noe.

John Deere champions women in the workplace

The best culture is one that brings out the best in everyone. 

John Deere supports it employee resource groups and promotes a culture of inclusion. 

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