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 September 27, 2023

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Capgemini believes that a workplace where everyone feels valued for who they are isn’t just a powerful moral responsibility, it’s also a source of competitive advantage. By having a diverse workforce that represents society, and by fostering an inclusive culture, Capgemini builds a place where its people can truly thrive. The company is guided every day by its purpose of unleashing human energy through technology for an inclusive and sustainable future.

Capgemini's Employee Network Communities (communities of belonging) are powerful forces that unite people and serve to create a sense of connection, support and shared identity. These communities help create a more inclusive and supportive workplace.

Advocating for workplace change

Capgemini employees come together based on shared characteristics or experiences such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.

The Employee Network Communities provide a space for employees to connect with others who share their background or identity, support one another, and advocate for the workplace and global change.

"We've definitely come a long way. You look at a workplace, any workplace a decade ago, and we certainly wouldn't be having the conversations that we're having now," commented one Capgemini employee.

"Coming from an organization previously and where we never spoke about diversity and inclusion other than it being 'let's have an International Food Day' and things like that, which are a tokenism. And now, we actually get into the crux of what we do, and how we can utilize the DNA initiatives to drive our business to success," added another employee.

Creating equal opportunities for all

Capgemini ibreaks down the barriers to a better future. The company works with global and local organizations and its own employees to ensure it creates equal opportunities for all, addresses bias in the workplace, and equips all its managers with the skills to be truly inclusive leaders.

In turn, Capgemini employees are a lot more authentic about what they do and are not afraid of needing to try to hide behind a mask just to feel like they need to be accepted. "Instead they can really bring themselves to work and really bring that fresh passion that would otherwise be hidden away," one Capgemini employee explained.

Tackling challenges as a community

Capgemini's communities of belonging enable its employees to come together and really tackle some of the challenges they can face. "I think that really does set Capgemini apart. The sheer size, scale and support that the communities provide and in turn the business provides the communities. I think that's really to commend," said a Capgemini employee.

A workplace that supports all employees

Diversity of thought is what leads to really great innovation within workplaces, and outside.

One employee says the company innovates in a creative and amazing way, because Capgemini brings together a melting pot of ideas, culture and diversity.

"The world is becoming so much more open. Every single day people are feeling more comfortable, embracing who they are, and not having to hide it especially in the workplace. And we need workplaces and cultures that support that," attested a Capgemini employee.

Forge a career with an employer dedicated to a sense of belonging

Capgemini women consistently exchange ideas, share knowledge, and support one another to go further to reimagine what’s possible.

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