Capgemini women attest to the company's inclusive work culture

 September 27, 2023

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Capgemini consistently supports its people, taking action to forge gender equality and inclusion as it moves into hybrid ways of working.

Capgemini, that was officially named as one of the UK’s Best Places to Work for Women, supports the different identities women hold and ensures their daily experiences are positive and consistently experienced. Capgemini recognizes that women are a valuable talent pool and strives for fair representation of women in its workforce and throughout its management.

Get the future you want with Capgemini

Capgemini believes that a workplace where everyone feels valued for who they are isn’t just a powerful moral responsibility, it’s also a source of competitive advantage.

One Capgemini woman has said that when they started on a graduate program at their previous company, they were pretty much the only person that looked like themselves "I would often be the only female or the only ethnic minority in the room. In comparison, with Capgemini for example, my manager and my manager's manager, they're females. That's something I never previously experienced," explained the employee. "When I walk into a room, when I join a conference call, the diversity, the different people, genders, different races - it brings forward a completely different atmosphere, a different dimension to that meeting. It's a more relaxed and open environment. People have the confidence to actually engage in a discussion, so we move away from my previous experience where it was usually the same two or three people that take over the conversation and no one else for whatever reason feels able to contribute."

Freedom to create a career path in an inclusive environment

Another Capgemini woman explained that she has worked with the company for three years now, and has worked across three different countries and three different roles. "I started off as an intern in India, moved to the Netherlands for two years, and now I'm finally here in the UK, which is very exciting. If you're thinking of joining Capgemini then definitely go for. You have the freedom to create your own career path here. It's a great place to work for women. It's an absolutely inclusive environment where everyone grows thrives and flourishes, and you will have all the support with training that you will ever need."

For one Capgemini woman, she suggested that anyone looking to join the company should definitely say go for it. "Capgemini provides you with all of the tools and the learning that you do need to get the future you want.

Inspired to join the talented women at Capgemini?

Capgemini knows that by having a diverse workforce that represents society, and by fostering an inclusive culture, it is building a place where people can thrive.

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