Capgemini is fully committed to active inclusion in the workplace

 November 10, 2023

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Active inclusion with Capgemini is all about making sure people can be their authentic self at work. As such, Capgemini creates a work environment where every employee feels comfortable being themselves, their uniqueness is celebrated, and they can focus on contributing their best ideas. Capgemini's inclusive environment means its people are supported and their voices are heard.

Feeling safe and part of a community

For one Capgemini employee, they explain why they enjoy being part of the Out Front community, Capgemini's LGBT group.

"I joined Out Front because I am classed as something called intersex. I'm actually a blended gender, so I'm xxy, so I've got female chromosomes female genetics, although there are s about 150 million of us worldwide, we're invisible," said the employee. 

"I just wanted to make sure we're represented in Capgemini and Capgemini s such a safe company to work for, I just said this would be good, and I feel safe and open being open about it."

Importance of diversity within Capgemini's people

A further employee explains that when she joined the graduate program at their previous company, she pretty much was the only person that looked like her.

"I was walking to a meeting room and there was no one else that was like me. So I would often be the only female or the only ethnic minority in the room. In comparison to Capgemini for example, my manager, my managers manager, they're females. That's something I never previously experienced," she said.

"When I walk into a room when, I join a conference call, the diversity there, the different people genders different races. It brings forward a completely different atmosphere, a different dimension to that meeting. It's a more relaxed and open environment."

Enjoying international careers

A further Capgemini employee spoke about their international career movement having worked with Capgemini for three years, and enjoying the opportunity to work across three different countries and three different roles.

"I started off as an intern in India, moved to the Netherlands for two years, and now I'm finally here in the UK, which is very exciting," said the employee.

Providing support and training in an inclusive environment

As a company, employees attest to Capgemini being ethical, sustainable and advanced in its technology. But, it's also key for advancement of its people, and how Capgemini develops people internally and wants its employees to be great at what they do.

"If you're thinking of joining Capgemini then definitely go for it. You have the freedom to create your own career path here," says a further employee.

"It's a great place to work for women. It's an absolutely inclusive environment where everyone grows and thrives and flourishes, and you will have all the support with training that you will ever need," the employee reinforced.

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