Capgemini provides great career development for women to flourish

 November 11, 2023

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When employees join Capgemini,they're supported in their career development and are provided with all the tools and training they need to be successful. The company loves to see its colleagues flourish and develop. If that’s something you want for your next career move, then look no further.

Capgemini encourages its employees to grow and thrive in their own way, so hear what Capgemini's people say about the exciting career opportunities they enjoy at Capgemini, and why they'd recommend applying for a role with the company.

Get the future you want

“The tag line of Get The Future You Want actually is true within Capgemini, and I can say that for myself,” attests one employee.

For a further employee, the people of Capgemini really make the company stand out, they explained. Capgemini continues to do some incredible work, underpinned by a really supportive community.

Diversity is key at Capgemini

"The diversity, the different people, genders different races. It brings forward a completely different atmosphere, a different dimension," explains another employee.

Enjoying international career opportunities

There is a global dimension to everything that Capgemini does, with employees based in countries from America to India, France to Australia. "I've worked across three different countries, three different roles. I started off as an intern in India, moved to the Netherlands for two years, and now I'm finally here in the UK, which is very exciting," says a further employee.

Working from ofccie or home

Capgemini's collaborative and agile work environment is designed to support each employee and their ambitions. There are options to work from the office or work from home, meaning each employee is in charge of their own destiny depending on how much they want to grow as a person.

Great support and a multitude of career paths

"Capgemini provides you with all the tools and the learning that you do need to get the future you want," reinforces a further employee.

"You have the freedom to create your own career path here. It's a great place to work for women. It's an absolutely inclusive environment where everyone grows and thrives and flourishes, and you will have all the support with training that you will ever need," comments another Capgemini employee.

Forging meaningful career experiences

Capgemini aligns itself with ethical and sustainable values, while being advanced in technology. But, it's the advance of the people and how the company supports its colleagues to develop internally that means they are great at what they do, and enables them to become the person they want to be.

The training that Capgemini provides means that its colleagues are able to develop personally while harnessing in on skills, such as sharing knowledge surrounding leadership styles.

Capgemini provides its people with the digital tools and flexibility the need to gain meaningful career experiences, and to work in the way that’s right for them.

Creating experiences for career and personal growth

Capgemini works with the world’s leading businesses spanning industries and markets, enabling its people to seek out the experience they want for they growth.

The company has no limits as to how far its people can grow.

If women want to progress through the ranks within the organisation, then there are a wide variety of career paths to take that enable journeys to be personalised as based on ambitions and business needs.

Work for Capgemini and make a difference

Capgemini works to transform the world’s leading businesses and build a better future, while always encouraging one another to do better.

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