DXC Technology knows that strength lies in differences

DXC Technology knows that strength lies in differences

 October 04, 2023

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DXC Technology champions women in the workplace, with female employees Sajitha Kuruvilla and Vidya Gothe reflecting on the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and accomplishment that defines the company.

"Together, we continue to thrive, learn, and excel, creating a brighter future for all," said DXC. 

DXC Technology values the contributions of its women employees 

"DXC Technology has always provided me with an encouraging environment to be creative and innovative. Each day at work is a positive experience and always gives me a sense of accomplishment in every task I undertake," commented Sajitha [pictured above]. 

"I'm proud to be part of this company that recognizes and appreciates the contributions of its female employees."

Strength lies in differences

DXC Technology jobs Diversity & Inclusion

Vidya highlights the Stephen Covey quote: "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities."

She says: "We at DXC celebrate this power of inclusion and diversity by achieving 40 percent diversity ratio. DXC India's open-door policy empowers me to openly share my thoughts, ideas and opinions, fostering a culture of inclusion where I feel respected and valued."

DXC offers an inclusive workplace for all 

Working for a company that values the contributions of women can feel empowering, liberating and encouraging. 

DXC Technology celebrates its women employees, offering a myriad of exciting career opportunities. 

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