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DHL welcomes its latest Graduate Development Programme cohort

DHL welcomes its latest Graduate Development Programme cohort

 October 04, 2023

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DHL offers a myriad of opportunities for graduates, and has extended a warm welcome to this year’s graduate cohort.

"They’re embarking on a two-year programme designed to provide experience needed to become a successful leader at DHL Express. We look forward to seeing what they go on to achieve!" welcomed DHL. 

Exciting graduate careers with impact

DHL Graduate Careers

Depending on where your talents and interests lie, and where in the world you're based, DHL is sure to have a graduate development pathway that's perfectly suited to you.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to jump straight into a regular, full-time job, DHL offers plenty of direct entry roles too.

Making a positive difference 

DHL's culture, values, and the way all employees work together as a team, ensures that everyone feels valued and rewarded for the contribution they bring.

Whether future employees join DHL as an apprentice, an intern, or through one of the company's graduate options, the copm[any offers fantastic training and support.

DHL is a prime employer for graduates 

Looking to embark on an excellent early career pathway?

Join DHL as a graduate and open up a plethora of opportunities. 


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