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DHL courier Elizabeth Martinez finds perfect balance in her role

DHL courier Elizabeth Martinez finds perfect balance in her role

 October 10, 2023

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DHL's frontline colleagues know all about delivering excellence, from the pickers, packers, sorters and technicians who keep DHL's warehouses running smoothly, to the delivery drivers and postal workers who get each letter and parcel where it needs to be.

Meet DHL Express courier, Elizabeth Martinez, who works in DHL's US team.

Elizabeth is excelling in fostering a sense of community as well as enjoying alone time during her deliveries.

Enjoying time alone during DHL deliveries

Elizabeth has seven years of DHL experience. Reflecting on her first days as a courier for DHL, she would take part in the inspections, making sure that everything was secure to go onto the plane.

After seven years of working with DHL, Elizabeth found the perfect balance in her job - from fun with coworkers, to peaceful solo moments on delivery.

"I was actually surprised at how much I really liked the quiet time, being out there myself," recalls Elizabeth. "I didn't think it was going to be something I enjoyed, but I actually am just really enjoying it."

Creating meaningful friendships

Elizabeth explains that a memorable DHL moment for her was meeting another woman at a pickup, discussing the meaningful friendships she has created with happy customers.

"We bonded instantly and it was so easy going, going there every day and seeing her, being able to talk to her about just our daily lives and how everything's going with us," comments Elizabeth.

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