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Learn about impactful projects that WSP graduates volunteer for

Learn about impactful projects that WSP graduates volunteer for

 October 25, 2023

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Right from the start of their careers, WSP graduates get to embark on impactful projects across communities.

Isobel Wheeler [pictured above], for example, recently volunteered with Earthwatch Europe in the Peak District to work on a Miyawaki Forest, a reforestation method planting trees in a dense area.

WSP collaborates with Earthwatch, helping protect nature

WSP Graduate Programme

Earthwatch Europe helps communities to protect the nature around them. It builds meaningful nature connections and gives people the tools they need to fight for the planet. Working alongside communities and organisations, Earthwatch builds an understanding and a love of nature, and helps everyone to protect the natural world. Guided by science and powered by people, it creates change through connection.

People are the heart of what Earthwatch does. From the classroom to the boardroom and the field to the laboratory, Earthwatch brings everyone together with the shared goal to protect the planet.

Earthwatch works where it can have the most impact, creating knowledge and inspiring action. It fights for the fragile planet with passion and with science. With its hearts and minds.

Forge a fabulous career, joining WSP as a graduate

WSP Graduate Volunteer

There are many reasons why women should consider joining the WSP graduate programme - it's not only offering a career, but also providing a programme that supports personal development and the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects. 

WSP graduates are fully supported by an expansive pool of technical experts who them throughout their career journey. Their expertise aids encouragement to help navigate the challenges of real-world projects. Graduates also have a dedicated Early Career Professionals team to assist with all aspects of their career progression. They engage in a combination of business, technical and personal skills training modules, available to take part in during the two years, supporting them to excel early in their career.

WSP offers a wide range of impactful graduate opportunities 

Joining a company that offers purposeful opportunities right from graduate level can make for a very exciting career choice. 

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