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DHL Mexico offers women a wide range of exciting long-term careers

DHL Mexico offers women a wide range of exciting long-term careers

 October 26, 2023

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DHL Mexico offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities, with many women enjoying long careers with the company. 

DHL attracts great people

DHL Assesor Customer Service, Betti Hernandez Montes, says: "In two months I will have been with DHL for six years. My position is in customer service. I am in charge of tracking, guides, quotations, and home pick-ups. The special thing about working at DHL is the people, it's like a family."

Connecting with clients and colleagues 

Meanwhile, DHL Supervisor Performance Retail, Mariana Enriquez Ginez, has been with the company for five years. "I am in charge of process measurement and development of internal and external campaigns. My favorite part is connecting with people, both clients and colleagues," she says. 

Closing the gender gap 

In terms of diversity and inclusion, and with the objective of closing the gender gap in the logistics sector, among its inclusion programs, DHL Supply Chain has launched the Women at the Wheel Program in both Brazil and Mexico, where women drivers are who drive part of the company's electric fleet, thus marking a new way of operating in these markets.

Embracing difference 

DHL takes pride in its work, offering everyone the opportunity to grow and thrive. DHL respects its employees and embraces differences and the diversity of its network.

Enjoy a long and successful career at DHL 

DHL is passionate about driving innovation through listening to its people and customers. It does all it can to support its communities and the world around us. 

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