DXC Technologys Kristie Grinnell discusses her cyber career

DXC Technology's Kristie Grinnell discusses her cyber career

 October 31, 2023

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Many DXC Technology women are experts in their field, like Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Kristie Grinnell, who shared her insight regarding the importance of seizing opportunities and saying 'yes' to new challenges. Kristie spoke with The Cyber Guild.

Creating applications in a safe manner 

Kristie grew up in IT and moved into cyber through application business analysis, development, and testing.

"Cyber has been at the forefront to ensure we create applications in a safe manner," says Kristie. "Now as CIO, I am overall accountable for cybersecurity for our IT ecosystem at DXC.

For Kristie, a positive cyber mindset entails two key notions. Cyber is everyone’s responsibility. No matter what level or role in the organization we all must take our cyber responsibility seriously," attests Kristie. Furthermore, "Get to Yes! Employees and people will always try to get work done. We can’t create a cyber wall that prevents people from getting work done. They will find a way, and we might not like how they do it as it might be insecure. So instead, we must find a way to “get to yes” to allow people to do their work securely."

Cyber requires solving problems every day 

A skill that has set Kristie up for her success is problem-solving.

She tained as a mechanical engineer by degree in undergraduate school, where every class focused on a methodical and logical approach to problem-solving. "Cyber is indeed solving problems every day," she says. 

When asked what she would tell her younger self, Kristie suggests: "Be curious. Ask why, learn something new, and always be reading. This will allow you always to bring something new to the table."

Kristie says her inspiration is her three childrem: Emma (20), Ty (19) and Addie (18), and their generation as we have to make this world a better place for them, suggests Kristie.

"What I most want to be remembered for is always doing the right thing, even when it is hard,” says Kristie.

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DXC Technology employs many impressive women who are experts in their fields. 

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