DXC Technology women thrive in DXCs supportive workplace

DXC Technology women thrive in DXC's supportive workplace

 November 10, 2023

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DXC Technology is a place where purpose, pride, support, and recognition come together to create a nurturing and empowering environment, with Nagini Shetty and Vagmi Chaturvedi attesting to the supportive work culture at DXC. 

Nurturing positive change

Nagini [pictured above] is very proud to work for DXC Technology, enjoying the company's focus on nurturing positive change and the sense of purpose and pride this provides her with. 

Nagini is also especially grateful to her colleagues for their support and care. 

"As a proud member of an organization passionately devoted to nurturing positive change in our community through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, it fills me with a profound sense of purpose and pride," says Nagini.

"My gratitude goes to Prabha, for his constant support and guidance in this endeavor,"

Enjoying a nurturing and empowering workplace 

DXC Technology

Associate Manager for Contracts, Vagmi explains says: "I feel supported and recognized at DXC Technology, which motivates me to perform at my best"

With a supportive workplace being key for Vagmi, she says: "It's a company that knows how to value its employees, creating a nurturing and empowering workplace." 

Embrace change, seize great career opportunities

DXC Technology is where brilliant women embrace change and seize opportunities to advance their careers and amplify customer success. 

Diversity is reflected in DXC Technology's inclusive environment that embraces many cultures, backgrounds, values, and ideas offered by its global workforce.

DXC Technology is a supportive employer to work for 

Feel empowered and help drive positive change via a great role with DXC Technology

Research DXC's latest career vacancies and find a highly rewardnig role. 


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