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Schneider Electric launches Global Family Leave policy

As it continues to strengthen its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Schneider Electric has now announced a new Global Family Leave policy across all its countries of operation.

With the ambition to provide equal opportunities to everyone, everywhere, and to ensure that all its employees feel uniquely valued, Schneider Electric believes the introduction of this policy is a necessary addition.

“There is absolutely no question that our success as a company stems from our ability to harness the diversity of ideas, thoughts, and experiences of our 144,000+ global workforce for greater engagement, performance, and innovation. We want to empower each of our employees to manage their unique work and life,” said the CEO of Schneider Electric, Jean-Pascal Tricoire.  

Schneider Electric values its employees

This new policy which was developed on the basis that what defines family, life, and work for its people is changing every day will provide employees the opportunity to be present for life’s significant moments, especially when it matters the most.

Francesca Stone, who works as the Diversity & Inclusion Lead and Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist is delighted by the support and opportunities Schneider Electric can provide via this initiative - and as a working mother mum herself, is proud to also be in a job and a team that she loves!

"The flexibility offered enables me to have a thriving career but also helps me to manage my work/family life commitments . Schneider Electric are always looking to embrace how they help and support working parents," she exclaimed.

Providing support when it's most needed

The policy sets global minimum standards while preserving country flexibility based on statutory and market needs for the following four areas:

Primary Parental Leave — 12 weeks of paid leave for the primary parent (both natural birth and adoption)

Secondary Parental Leave — 2 weeks of paid leave for the secondary parent (both natural birth and adoption)

Care Leave — 1 week of fully paid leave for care of your immediate family that either needs elder care or care for serious health condition

Bereavement — 1 week of paid bereavement leave owing to a death in the family

Leading the way for change

The energy firm is the first in its industry to make a global family leave policy commitment to all its employees. A policy such as this requires tremendous leadership support, and CEO Jean-Pascal has been delighted to see Universal commitment from all its leaders announcing "The United States, Canada, and Mexico started to roll out the policy in June 2017; the next wave is slated for January 2018; and full global deployment will be complete by early 2019.”

Schneider Electric hopes that this maverick move will encourage other companies to follow by example.

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