Schneider Electric offers a brilliant Global Family Leave policy

Taking a career break and returning to work couldn't be easier with Schneider Electric.

As part of its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Schneider Electric has a brilliant Global Family Leave policy across all its countries of operation.

With the success of company stemming from its ability to harness the diversity of ideas, thoughts, and experiences of its global workforce, this policy is vital for Schneider Electric. 

With this policy, Schneider Electric can generate greater engagement, performance and innovation.

Schneider Electric's Global Family Leave policy

Schneider Electric's Global Family Leave policy gives employees the opportunity to be present for life’s significant moments, especially when it matters the most, enabling them to better manage their unique life and work.

The policy sets global minimum standards while preserving country flexibility based on statutory and market needs for the following four areas:

  • Primary Parental Leave: 12 weeks of paid leave for the primary parent (both natural birth and adoption)
  • Secondary Parental Leave: 2 weeks of paid leave for the secondary parent (both natural birth and adoption)
  • Care Leave: 1 week of fully paid leave for care of your immediate family that either needs elder care or care for serious health condition
  • Bereavement: 1 week of paid bereavement leave owing to a death in the family

An inclusive and progressive approach to family

In formulating the policy, Schneider Electric has actively chosen to define “leave” and “family” in an inclusive way, recognizing that definition of family, life and work are changing every day. By design, the policy includes key life stages for welcoming a new baby, taking care of sick or elderly family members, and mourning the loss of a family member. It also assumes an inclusive definition of family by extending an equal amount of parental leave to a parent by natural birth or adoption.

Resources will be provided to Schneider Electric countries to ensure understanding and support of the new policy by managers and employees.

Leading the way for global change

The energy firm is the first in its industry to make a global family leave policy commitment to all its employees. A policy such as this requires tremendous leadership support, and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire has been delighted to see Universal commitment from all its leaders.

Schneider Electric hopes that this maverick move will encourage other companies to follow by example.

Benefit from Schneider Electric's Global Family Leave policy

Schneider Electric understands the importance of balancing personal life and career ambitions.

If you want to benefit from the company's Global Family Leave policy, join the many impressive women enjoying fantastic benefits at this leading company by researching current job vacancies today.


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