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Women, here are 10 compelling reasons to work for DHL

Women, here are 10 compelling reasons to work for DHL

 January 11, 2024

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Looking to embark on a new career that connects people around the world and improves lives?

Here are 10 compelling reasons why DHL is such a brilliant company to work for. 

Because you'll have the world at your feet


With around 570,000 colleagues in 220 countries and territories, DHL is one of the biggest private employers in the world. That international outlook is something you'll experience every day, along with amazing opportunities to work with people from around the globe.

Because you'll keep learning and growing

DHL's internal learning programs provide valuable knowledge in logistics, management, and process improvement. You'll have the chance to earn recognized qualifications, grow as an individual, and explore opportunities to change departments and even countries if you wish.

Because the work you do will really matter

Connecting people and improving lives means you'll always be doing meaningful work – even if that just means putting a smile on someone's face. DHL manages more than 1 million customer contacts every hour. So, with DHL, you'll get to see the real-world impact your work has on people's lives.

Because you'll be in great company

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DHL is consistently ranked among the world's top employers. In 2020, DHL Express was named #2 Best Place to Work in the World by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work® and recognized for the extraordinary lengths it goes to, to create a positive, motivating, and appreciative working atmosphere.

Because you'll always look forward to tomorrow

The logistics industry never stands still. And you'll find DHL is often the one leading the way. Whether it's advanced Robotics, Quantum Computing, or AI technologies, DHL is constantly exploring new ideas and there's always something exciting on the horizon.

Because you'll be part of a sustainable future

DHL is serious about sustainability and here that means more than just protecting the environment. It's about doing things the right way, and in the long-term interests of DHL's customers, its colleagues, the communities it's part of, and the planet itself.

Because you can be sure of a bright future

In an uncertain world, the scale and scope of DHL's business – and the resources it has behind us – offer a level of stability and security that few other organizations can match.

Because your individuality is worth celebrating

Join DHL and you'll be working with colleagues from a wide range of backgrounds – all with differing skills, experiences, and points of view. DHL sees that diversity is one of its greatest strengths, and promote inclusion every day, in everything it does.

Because you'll have every chance to shine

Whatever your role, you'll always have a voice and an important part to play in developing the way DHL works. At the same time, of course, DHL will make sure you feel recognized, valued, and rewarded for the contribution you bring.

Because you'll be respected and supported

DHL women jobs

Across regions and cultures, DHL has created a common understanding of respecting human rights and providing fair working conditions. Managers lead by example and create an open, respectful, and supportive atmosphere within their teams.

Search DHL's latest jobs and embark on a great career

DHL is a prime employer for women. 

In a global business like DHL's, the opportunities are endless.

Work with them. Grow with them. Stay with them. Discover the positive impact you can make and build an amazing DHL career.


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