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Meet an Entain Customer Service Trainer in Sofia Bulgaria

 January 01, 2024

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Working with an employer that is committed to creating a psychologically safe, inclusive and supportive culture for everyone can be incredibly rewarding.

Entain empowers its people to celebrate who they are, who they love, what they believe in, and how they show up for work.

Meet Entain Customer Service Trainer, Val, who is based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Here she shares how her passion for communication and interest in psychology are crucial within her career with Entain.

Passionate about working with Entain

Val began her role four years ago as a First Line Agent in Russian, as this is her second native language, after Bulgarian.

"I started here in Entain because of my best friend. She was telling me a lot of stuff about the company, and I was thinking 'ah this is so nice, I really want to go work there'," says Val.

"And then they opened the position, and they invited me for an interview. They liked me very much, not because I'm a great person or something, just because I was very passionate about it and really wanted to work at Entain, and it happened."

Getting to know her colleagues

Val explains that she has a Psychology Degree, and this is why she is working as a trainer, because it is connected all the way to her role with Entain.

"It's very important to know the stories behind every person that will work with us, like colleagues and friends probably in the future," comments Val.

"So, with the training, because these are the first days in the company for them, it's very important to comfort them. Through social media, I can know my trainees better than in teams, working from Monday to Friday. It's better to know them outside of the office, let's say. And it plays it plays a huge part," adds Val.

Key skill of communication

Val enjoys communicating with people, she says: "I love to know their stories. I love to know where they came from and where they go in life. What are their interests?"

"For a month I can understand a lot of these things, of course, giving my advice. This is what I do and this is why I do it," concludes Val.

Entain is driven by tech and powered by people

Entain celebrates the diverse range of people that make up its teams and is committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

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