Capgemini HR Senior Director Sarah Wright nurtures talent

Capgemini HR Senior Director Sarah Wright nurtures talent

 February 13, 2024

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Capgemini is supported by a team of talented HR professionals who play a crucial role in supporting the organization’s talent strategy, shaping its culture, and ensuring a positive employee experience.

With their skills in relationship-building, communication, and problem-solving, these HR professionals enable Capgemini to attract, develop, and retain top talent, foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, and drive business success.

Finding growth and opportunity at Capgemini

Sarah Wright is a Senior HR Director who nurtures talent and shapes the future of work at Capgemini.

Sarah shares the importance of people experience, and how she oversees the roll-out of a people-experience program in Canada.

"I think it was the excitement and the entrepreneurship that I saw coming through in my interview process. The growth and the opportunity for Capgemini Canada was really exciting for me," says Sarah.

Valuing the support of her team

Sarah says she highly values her team.

"From people experience to making sure that our HR function is running correctly, to also hiring and bringing people into the company, I could not do it without them. They support me day and day out. What I like best about working here is that we show up as a team. While we do work hard for our clients, we do also have a lot of fun together in the office," acknowledges Sarah.

Creating a people-experience program 

When asked about her proudest accomplishment at Capgemini, Sarah says: "Being able to put together a compelling business case to stand up the very first people-experience program in Canada that not only touches on community, on learning and development, on leadership development, but also those local connections within the office. We're getting very good feedback on the program. It's resonating. I think that's my proudest achievement so far."

Get the future you want at Capgemini

Capgemini offers a wide variety of opportunities to shape each colleague's career path.

Bring passion, enthusiasm, and individuality to work to express uniqueness, connect for success, and enjoy the journey.

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