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DHL contributes to Apprenticeship: Pathways to Success program

DHL contributes to Apprenticeship: Pathways to Success program

 February 20, 2024

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At the core of DHL's ethos is a commitment to investing in its people. Alongside an array of available upskill training, the company’s apprenticeship and graduate opportunities drive growth, creativity and innovation throughout the business, and support the development of its young talent.

DHL was a contributor and featured in a special Apprenticeship: Pathways to Success program produced by ITN Business, and hosted by Warren Nettleford.

DHL Supply Chain's Performance Management Apprentice, Lysette Ashmore and HR Apprentice, Phoebe Harrison, share how they are kick-starting their career with a DHL apprenticeship, and discuss networking and skill development opportunities.

DHL Supply Chain Sales Support Manager, Andrea Carastan, also discusses upskilling and training opportunities on offer with the company.

Upskilling and training in a variety of sectors

DHL Supply Chain apprenticeship careers

The Apprenticeship: Pathways to Success programme explores the opportunities available, showing best practice support from employers and speaks to apprentices across a variety of sectors.

An apprenticeship can be a gateway to a life-long career but is also an opportunity for upskilling or retraining. The number of people taking up apprenticeships is growing with nearly half of all apprentices aged 25 or over. Networking is an important opportunity for apprentices to speak to peers and build connections.

DHL provides Apprenticeship opportunities to recruit, train and support its leaders of the future. Within the fast-paced, ever-changing supply chain industry, DHL needs to make sure it stays ahead of the game, and its apprentices play a crucial role in this.

There are opportunities for people who want to be managing one of the many warehouses across the country, coordinating some of its 15000 vehicles, be the finance brain behind the numbers, or pushing the digitalization agenda by working with data.

Gaining real-life experience

DHL works with professional learning providers who are experts in their field, and ensures its apprentices are fully supported to achieve their apprenticeship and become a subject-matter expert in their field of expertise.

"I chose an apprenticeship because I wanted a kick-start to my career. Being naturally driven, I was motivated to gain real-life experience whilst completing my degree; applying the theoretical frameworks and concepts to my everyday practise. I also wanted to expand my network, working and interacting with like-minded professionals, learning from their own advice and experience along the way," says Lysette.

"I feel that I am constantly learning and developing my skills, and it's been such a positive experience. I feel supported and valued by the team that I'm working with and have never felt 'less than' because I am an apprentice, I am equal within the team," comments Phoebe.

Exciting training courses on offer

DHL Supply Chain training courses

People working with DHL have access to a wide range of training programs through the CSCS portal, with an impressive choice of courses.

DHL Supply Chain's Future Leader Graduate, Andrea Carastan, is working as a Sales Support Manager, where she also has the role of training colleagues. From upskilling to personal development, everyone must complete the core training.

"Once you complete this you get a passport and the first badge congratulating you for starting your certified journey. Every course you can complete you can get more badges with a lovely note from the facilitators to encourage you to apply the learning you have learned," shares Andrea.

Attracting new talent

As the world's leading logistics company, DHL employs nearly 400,000 people in over 220 countries With a wide range of career development options and training, and a focus on advanced and sustainable technologies, DHL is leading the field, not only in improving the way people work, but in creating opportunities for the future.

"There's a lot of opportunity for people to join our business, to grow and develop with us, and hopefully spend many, many happy and healthy years with us. So investing in them is critical, but we also need to attract new talent. Our industry has evolved, our industry is not as labour intensive as it once was. We are much more resilient on automation and robotics to support the more physical tasks that we once would have done manually," explains DHL Supply Chain UK and Ireland, Chief Executive Officer, Saul Resnick.

Forge a pathway to success via a DHL apprenticeship

DHL works hard to create an environment its people keep learning and enjoying a rewarding long-term career.

Looking to join a team that is passionate about developing supply chains of the future, using sustainable and innovative solutions.

Search latest career opportunities at DHL.


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