Elaine Burke values Capgemini's career comeback program

 February 21, 2024

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Working for a company that provides great opportunities for personal development with clearly defined career progression can provide an excellent career pathway.

Top employer Capgemini has countless learning and development opportunities for its experienced professionals and career returners, including access to 250,000 courses with numerous external certifications.

Capgemini Senior Data Scientist, Elaine Burke, took some time away from the workforce then joined Capgemini via its highly successful career comeback program.

Elaine now works on solving interesting and complex problems for clients using advanced analytics and machine-learning techniques.

A career built around using data to solve problems

Being a Senior Data Scientist, Elaine helps Capgemini clients to solve interesting and complex problems using data and AI machine learning techniques.

Elaine explains that her career journey has not seen a linear path. She suggests, in fact, that she knows very few people today who experience a linear career path.

"My career has always been built around data, no matter what role I've taken or what type of organization I've been working for. Using data to help answer interesting questions has always been part of my career journey. Using new techniques, like machine learning and data science and AI, is a new part of my career," explains Elaine.

There are many things that drew Elaine to embarking on a career with Capgemini.

"I love the idea of working in a consulting firm and helping different types of clients solve different types of problems, all with the foundation of using data science and AI techniques to do so," says Elaine.

Great support re-entering the workforce

Elaine shares that she has been part of Capgemini's inaugural career comeback program.

"I loved the idea of coming into an organization that would help support people like myself who have left the workforce for various reasons and are looking to re-enter the workforce and restart their career," says Elaine.

She learned about the Capgemini career comeback program through an organization called iRelaunch, a group that she became involved with.

iRelaunch supports people like Elaine who have left the workforce for a number of years, predominantly people who have left to take on caregiving roles, whether for elder care, spouse care, or child care reasons.

"Capgemini participated in an event with that organization and that's where I discovered Capgemini's career comeback program," recalls Elaine.

Many upskilling, learning, and development opportunities

Elaine enjoys working with Capgemini and accessing a number of resources available that support employees to upskill in many ways.

"I've gone and pursued my Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud practitioner certification, and I've also taken courses on helping to improve my presentation and facilitation skills. Pick a topic and Capgemini has resources available for people who are interested to be able to upskill," she encourages.

"Capgemini is helping me get the future I want by allowing me to have opportunities to learn and grow in every possible direction," she says.

Help shape the future of technology and innovation

Capgemini's wide range of career paths enable employees to tailor their journey based on their ambitions and business needs.

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