IWD saw Theramex highlight health disparities among women

IWD saw Theramex highlight health disparities among women

 March 22, 2024

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Theramex has a vision: to be the leading global company in women’s healthcare. With its inclusive focus, Theramex supports all women from all backgrounds throughout every stage of their lives.

This commitment was highlighted on International Women’s Day (IWD) through Theramex shinig a light of progress made in women’s healthcare, yet acknowledging the many health disparities often faced by ethnic minority women. Theramex cited a number of reports which detail such disparities, and shared insightful statistics with its online community.

Driving research and education 

According to a 2023 report, women from Black and minority communities in the UK have a delayed menopause diagnosis rate of 45% compared to 31% for white women. Additionally, the report found that these same women only have an uptake of HRT of 8% compared to 15% for white women. Theramex also drew attention to a report from The British Menopause Society which found that ethnicity impacts the age at which women enter menopause. The average age for Western women is 51 years old, whereas the average menopause age for Indian women, Pakistani women, and women of African or Caribbean descent is 46.7, 47.16, and 49.6 years, respectively.

"This highlights the pressing need for research and education devoted specifically to women of minority backgrounds. Assuming that all women experience menopause at the same age and in the same way can contribute to delayed diagnosis and may cause unnecessary suffering and negative health outcomes. Menopause is a unique experience for each and every woman and should be treated as such. Let’s #InspireInclusion and makes sure that all women have equal access to quality and timely care at every stage of life," explained Theramex.

Diversifying the healthcare workforce 

Theramex also revealed findings from the Health & Care Professions Council Diversity Data Report 2021 which cites that 34% of managerial roles in the healthcare industry are held by minority communities, which emphasizes the immense need for diverse perspectives in decision-making for women’s health. A further 2021 European study found that female migrants have a 60% higher chance of needing and not having access to healthcare services, again highlighting how crucial inclusive healthcare is. Furthernore during 2018-2020, a study found that maternal mortality was 3.7x higher within the black communities and 1.7x higher in Asian communities when compared to white communities.

"Expanding healthcare access to hidden communities, providing culturally sensitive care, and diversifying the healthcare workforce has never been more important. By addressing these disparities and promoting diversity, we can Inspire Inclusion and create a more equitable healthcare system with inclusive policies and diverse leadership that serves all women, regardless of their race, culture or background," added Theramex.

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